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Professional photographer and artist in NYC. Ken's portraits have been published in numerous magazines including; American Theater, New York Magazine, The New York Times, Artnews, Inc, Newsweek, Orion, Lenswork, etc. Umbrage Books published Ken’s award winning portrait series of American Playwrights titled In Their Company, Portraits of American Playwrights. Ken has had a number of solo and group exhibitions and his work is included in private and public collections. Ken also teaches at the International Center of Photography in NYC.

  • Artist Statement:
  • With photography the ongoing flux between the atmospheric, the graphic, the figurative and the abstract I create images where the beautiful and the mundane co-exist. The content of these images is a reference to these sources and the surfaces become the visual landscape. My work is driven by conflicting experiences of psychological discomfort and visual fascination. I seek to inspire prolonged viewing that invites contradictory readings and perceptions of what is typically seen. I continue to create imagery with photographs that blur the distinction between realism and abstraction, seeing past or through surfaces beyond the literal representation of perceived reality. I isolate and depict the particular quality and essence of something or someone. The dialog begins between the photographic representation and the visual experience, the experience of something and the illusion…what is seen and the perception of how things are revealed photographically.